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  • Timothée Chalamet Sings In Willy Wonka Movie Set Video


    A new set video shows Wonka star Timothée Chalamet shooting a musical number for the upcoming Willy Wonka prequel. Based on characters from Roald Dahl's beloved children's book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Wonka will tell the story of the young chocolatier's upbringing and his rise to fame. Paddington director Paul King is helming the film, scheduled for release on March 17, 2023.

    Chalamet is joined by an impressive roster of cast members, including Keegan-Michael Key, Sally Hawkins, and Rowan Atkinson, best known for his seminal character Mr. Bean. Warner Bros. has kept mum on plot details and character biographies, but it is rumored that Olivia Colman will be portraying a villain. With production on Wonka well underway, set photos of the highly anticipated film have begun to leak.


    Now the first video footage of the Wonka set has emerged, courtesy of the account @_ARTSARTSARTS. Filmed in rural England, Chalamet can be seen riding on top of a truck through what is presumably his small village. With a whimsical musical number playing in the background, Chalamet sings, "Now it's time to show the world my recipes. I've got twelve silver sovereigns in my pocket and a hat full of dreams." Out of sight, another actor yells, "Good luck Willy!" @wonka_news corroborated the footage with additional photos of Chalamet in action. Check out the set video below.

    The set footage confirms that Wonka will at least start as a straightforward coming of age story, as the young candyman leaves his small town behind to make a name for himself in the big world of chocolate. The video and accompanying photos also give fans another chance to look at the costume that Chalamet had previously revealed on Instagram. Here the actor dons his character's brown top hat, eye-popping coat, and what appears to be a cane, indicating that Wonka acquires his signature look early on in the film. The traveling chocolatier also has a knapsack in tow.

    The new footage also supplies fans with a first peek at some of the music featured in the film. Wonka is rumored to be chockablock with song and dance numbers, and the set video at least confirms the former to be true. From the brief snippet of audio, Chalamet appears to be singing a somewhat bouncing, jubilant number. Chalamet has denied that Wonka is a dark tale, claiming instead that the film is a "celebration of being off-center." The leaked footage seems to confirm that celebratory tone so far.

    Source: @_ARTSARTSARTS

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    The Book Of Boba Fett Proves Disney Has A Star Wars Prequel Problem


    The Book of Boba Fett points to a prequel problem in Disney's Star Wars universe. Boba Fett's return in The Mandalorian, season 2 was well-received, and the bounty hunter's upcoming spinoff is hotly anticipated. While it promises to be an exciting journey for a fan-favorite character, the show becomes part of a larger issue when considered alongside the rest of Disney's Star Wars slate.

    Between The Book of Boba Fett, The Mandalorian season 3, and Ahsoka, Disney is creating and hurriedly fleshing out a "prequel-to-the sequels" era. It's been wildly successful so far, and in many ways gets Star Wars right. As evidenced by Ahsoka and Fett's appearances in The Mandalorian season 2, these shows also promise to relate to one another. However, while these "prequel" offerings will likely be more favorably received than George Lucas' prequel films, this Disney era may be just as questionable - for more problematic reasons.

    Disney's sequel trilogy featured a stellar cast and had bright moments, but is otherwise largely thought of as an unorganized, poorly-planned mess. In light of that, Disney either needs to focus on narratives set after the Skywalker Saga or build up to the sequel trilogy's story in a meaningful, deliberate way. Without those, Disney's focus on the immediate post-Return of the Jedi era seems to be an attempt to quickly fix some of the sequel trilogy's strangest plot holes (such as Supreme Leader Snoke's clone origin) and to please disappointed fans. If that's the case, it's worth wondering if Disney's Star Wars is heading into creative decay.

    It's true that The Mandalorian connects to the sequel trilogy in a few ways, and it's likely that The Book of Boba Fett and Ahsoka will find ways to do so as well. However, for these shows to truly help redeem the sequel trilogy, they must connect in a way that lends narrative, not just logical continuity. George Lucas' prequels filled in the universe of the original trilogy, but did so in service of telling Anakin Skywalker's tragic story, not to fix plot issues. This is a far cry from how The Mandalorian tangentially fills in gaps in sequel trilogy logic, like its hasty setup of Force healing to explain how Rey and Kylo Ren can force heal in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and its glimpses of the Empire's first attempts at cloning. These revelations patch up holes in the sequel trilogy, but don't make them more interesting viewing in the way a series or film about Kylo Ren abandoning his Jedi training for the First Order might.

    If the post-Jedi shows don't add depth to the sequel trilogy, they must plant seeds for a post-Skywalker Saga timeline to avoid being simple fan service. Even if The Book of Boba Fett, The Mandalorian, and Ahsoka connect to each other, the stakes will feel lower and lower if audiences realize each story is irrelevant by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Even Ahsoka, which promises to reintroduce both Jedi (by including Ezra Bridger) and a brilliant villain to the post-ROTJ timeline, is unlikely to affect a post-sequel trilogy galaxy - Ahsoka herself is implied to be deceased by Rise of Skywalker, and her likely adversary Grand Admiral Thrawn is completely absent from the trilogy.


    It's also clear that Disney has been hesitant to commit to a post-sequel trilogy direction. Star Wars: Visions has proven the potential of the era, touching on the Force, lightsabers, and the future of the Jedi. However, it's not canon, further hinting that Disney is afraid to take the saga in a new direction. Lucasfilm's upcoming shows will surely please audiences. Without a larger plan, however, they may simply be safe bets and an appeal to nostalgia. Hopefully, The Book of Boba Fett will use the iconic character to grow the franchise in a meaningful way.

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    Recasting Dr. Strangelove If It Were Made In 2021


    Often regarded as one of the greatest movies of all time, Dr. Strangelove remains an incredible cinematic achievement to this day. The 1964 nuclear war satire remains sharp, funny, and insightful nearly 60 years later. And while Stanley Kubrick's masterful direction is a big part of that, the pitch-perfect cast cannot be overlooked.

    The movie boasts some truly iconic performances, especially with Peter Sellers taking on three separate roles. But while Dr. Strangelove seems like one of those classic movies Hollywood wouldn't dare to remake, it is fun to imagine what modern cast might bring it to life.

    8 Gen. Ripper: Idris Elba

    The whole mess of the movie is set in motion by one man, General Ripper (Sterling Hayden). Ripper is a very serious and commanding military official who has grown delusional in the Cold War and orders a nuclear attack against the Soviets in order to stop their evil plans.

    While Ripper has some outlandish ideas, the role is made quite funny by the fact that he is a very serious man. Idris Elba has the kind of commanding presence necessary for a role like this. Much like his guest-starring role in The Office, Elba can step into a madcap situation and play the role of the straightforward and authoritative figure.

    7 Ambassador De Sadesky: ‎Kayvan Novak


    When the attack is ordered on the Soviet Union, the President of the United States gathers his war council together to address the problem. He also invites along the Soviet Ambassador de Sadesky (Peter Bull). He is another goofy and colorful character in this ensemble who is also sneakier than he first appears.

    Kayvan Novak is a terrific comedic actor who is best known for playing Nandor on What We Do in the Shadows. Novak excels at playing this rather unlikable vampire who is nonetheless funny in his ignorant and self-centered ways.

    6 Capt. Mandrake: Phoebe Waller-Bridge

    Though Mandrake was only one of three characters Peter Seller played in the movie, it seems more likely these roles would need to be split up among other actors. For Mandrake, Sellers is hilarious as the nervous yet persistent British officer who tries his best to prevent Ripper from carrying out his plan.

    Like Sellers, Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a multi-talented star best known for her award-winning work on Fleabag. She has perfected that awkward British humor that would be perfect for the role of the neurotic Mandrake while also having the strength for some of the character's more heroic qualities.

    5 Col. Guano: Jon Bernthal

    Though he is only in the movie for a short time, Colonel Guano (Keenan Wynn) is another funny addition to the story as he leads the attack on Ripper's base to stop the attack. Guano is a no-nonsense man who just follows orders and has no patience when Mandrake attempts to explain the life-or-death stakes of the situation.

    From Fury to The Punisher, Jon Bernthal has made a career out of playing tough guy characters who act first and ask questions later. He is ideal for the kind of military men like Colonel Guano and Bernthal's trend of playing very serious and gruff characters would make the part all the funnier.

    4 President Muffley: Steve Carell

    Another of Peter Sellers's roles in Dr. Strangelove is that of the President of the United States. President Muffley certainly takes the situation at hand very seriously, but he is also probably not the best man to handle a crisis. As things grow worse, his lackluster skills as a leader become more clear, especially in his awkward phone call with the Russian president.

    When thinking of bosses who are not great under pressure, Michael Scott from The Office certainly comes to mind. Steve Carell was hilarious at playing Michael as a manager who always says the wrong thing and seems to make every situation worse. A remake of Dr. Strangelove with Michael Scott as the president sounds like an ideal fit.

    3 Gen. Turgidson: Josh Brolin

    Oscar-winning actor George C. Scott was mostly known for his dramatic roles like Patton, but he gives a hilarious over-the-top comedic performance in Dr. Strangelove. Scott plays General Turgidson, one of the president's top advisors who realizes the danger of the situation but also suspects everything is some plot by the Soviets to gain the upper hand.

    Josh Brolin is also known for many intense dramatic performances. But some of Brolin's most likable roles are when he is a total goofball. In movies like Inherent Vice and Hail, Caesar, Brolin plays his usual tough-guy role but also infuses the characters with zany comedic energy that fits into the world of these movies.

    2 Maj. Kong: Melissa McCarthy

    Perhaps the most iconic image from Dr. Strangelove is seeing Slim Pickens as Major 'King' Kong riding an atomic bomb down to its target as if it were a rodeo bull. Pickens plays the air force officer with a fun cowboy charm making him a larger-the-life character. He is a talkative and confident man even in the midst of this world-ending mission.

    Melissa McCarthy is a brilliant comedic actor who has a talent for playing big and bold characters without making it seem too much. Her breakout role in Bridesmaids is a perfect example of the kind of wild and hilarious energy she could bring to the role of Kong. It is funny enough just imagining her re-enacting that famous bomb-dropping sequence.

    1 Dr. Strangelove: Sacha Baron Cohen

    The third and final role Peter Sellers plays in the movie is the titular Dr. Strangelove. He is a former Nazi scientist now working as part of the president's council. The character, including his hand that has a mind of its own, is the most broadly comedic one of the movie, seeming cartoonish at times yet it is an undoubtedly hilarious creation.

    Sacha Baron Cohen resembles a modern-day Peter Sellers at times with his own career filled with strange and eccentric characters. He would surely be able to bring such an unusual creation to life and turn the small role into a scene-stealing character who earns the biggest laughs.

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    Halloween Kills Scene Left Judy Greer Actually Terrified


    Judy Greer, one of the stars of the upcoming Halloween Kills, reveals the scene she found the most terrifying to film. The film follows-up David Gordon Green's Halloween, which retconned every film in the franchise to act as a direct sequel to John Carpenter's 1978 original. The 2018 reboot-quel saw the return of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, the franchise's original final girl. Greer played Karen, Laurie's daughter, alongside fellow castmates Will Patton, Andi Matichak, Nick Castle, and Toby Huss.

    Halloween Kills sees the return of Curtis, Greer, and a few others, with Green once again behind the camera. The film is set to pick up moments after Halloween ended, continuing the same night of Michael Myers' murderous reign of terror. The significant shift for Greer's Karen comes from not believing in her mother's paranoia in the previous film to now having experienced Myers' return, changing the estranged dynamic between the two. That newly heightened bond will only deepen the terror in which they find themselves, both for the characters and the Halloween Kills audience.

    While speaking with Bloody Disgusting, Greer mentions a scene in Halloween Kills that sees Karen accompany Laurie to the hospital. Eventually, the hospital erupts into chaos, with a mob of people running and bumping into Karen and Laurie, who are pinned down in a hallway. As Greer put it, "the scariest part was for real," since even when the bedlam is choreographed, it can still be a tumultuous ordeal. Even with what she knew before filming, Greer couldn't help but feel terrified while being inches away from being trampled:

    I think the scariest part was for real when we were stuck in the hallway, me and Jamie, and the mob was running after us, and they were running past us and bumping into us and shoving us and not even noticing or listening to us. It was really overwhelming and really scary. I was like, God, this is terrifying! It’s a movie, and people are acting; I can’t even imagine being in the middle of that kind of thing for real.


    While the scene Greer mentions is full of chaos, it may not be what fans would've guessed as the most terrifying for her to film. It was clearly intense, but most would've likely expected Michael to play a more direct part in the moment. However, horror films can be just as terrifying for actors to film, and often more so in some scenes that may not be as frightening for audiences. As Greer said herself, "I can't even imagine being in the middle of that kind of thing for real."

    Halloween Kills is set to have plenty of harrowing moments. A petition was even launched recently asking for the removal of a scene in Halloween Kills that features the slaughter of firefighters. While it's unlikely that the scene in question will be removed from the film, it shows that the sequel is already making waves for its intense content. It also won't be the last time audiences see Michael, as another sequel, Halloween Ends, is already planned for next year. For audiences eager to see the next horrifying chapter, Halloween Kills premieres on October 15, both in theaters and streaming on Peacock.


    Source: Bloody Disgusting

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    Facebook has banned nearly 1,000 ‘militarized social movements,’ documents reveal

    Photo by JEFF DEAN/AFP via Getty Images

    Facebook has placed at least 986 groups on a private list of banned “militarized social movements,” according to internal Facebook documents published by The Intercept. The documents hint at the scale of militia organizing on Facebook — something the company cracked down on in August of 2020.

    Militarized social movements are one part of Facebook’s larger “dangerous individuals and organizations” list, which The Intercept published a snapshot of in its entirety. The term refers to armed groups that promote armed conflict, as well as groups that support violence or looting at protests; in practice, it’s apparently composed largely of right-wing militias with some left-wing, anarchist, or generally anti-government organizations.

    Facebook’s “dangerous individuals” list also includes white supremacist bands, hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan, and branches of Al Qaeda and other global terrorist organizations. All are banned from maintaining pages, groups, or profiles on the service. Beyond that, the categories are sorted into tiers. Tier 1 includes hate and terror groups, and Facebook users can’t express praise or support for them in any form. Tier 2 includes “violent non-state actors” like armed rebels that can only be praised for nonviolent activities. Militarized social movements are designated as Tier 3, which don’t have comparable restrictions on how users discuss them.

    Facebook noted in October of 2020 that it had identified 600 militarized social movements and removed around 2,400 pages and 14,200 groups maintained by them. The company also said it had removed 1,700 pages and 5,600 groups associated with QAnon — which is designated a militarized social movement but is not an organized group.

    As The Intercept notes, the group designations can be fuzzy. One subset of the violent boogaloo movement, for instance, is classified as a Tier 1 terrorist organization, while the larger movement is a militarized social movement. The designation also includes news outlets like the anarchist site It’s Going Down — which could theoretically have been grouped under the umbrella of “supporting violent acts amid protests” but is listed as an “armed militia group.”

    Facebook has been criticized for both overly lax and overly punitive enforcement. But most recently, it’s come under general scrutiny for not releasing details about its operations to outside researchers or policymakers, something that makes it more difficult to evaluate its moderation strategy.

    In statements to The Verge, Facebook said it had not previously released the list because publishing too many details might compromise the effectiveness of moderation.

    “This is an adversarial space, so we try to be as transparent as possible while also prioritizing security, limiting legal risks, and preventing opportunities for groups to get around our rules,” said counterterrorism and dangerous organizations policy director Brian Fishman.

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    Get $600 off the Olympus Mark III, and more great camera deals

    DSLR being held by a kid
    Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

    Smartphone shooters are continually hitting new heights, but sometimes you just can’t beat a proper camera. Handheld units haven’t changed as much as smartphones, but they’ve added new features like Wi-Fi and Full HD displays. Unfortunately, some of the latest technologies mean higher price tags. So we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of some of the best cheap camera deals available right now.

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    1Password will now let you share passwords with just a link

    Image: 1Password

    Password manager 1Password is making it easier to share passwords with anyone, with Psst! (password secure sharing tool), a new link sharing feature the company is releasing today. Instead of using 1Password’s pre-existing sharing options, which require an account, or just copying and pasting log-in information, which is inherently insecure, Psst! makes sharing a password a bit more like sharing a Google Doc with someone.

    You can create a link to share password credentials, set when it expires (when the first person views it, or at one hour, one day, one week, 14 days, or 30 days), and share the password with specific people (via their emails) or for anyone with the link. The whole process is a lot like sharing a link to a Google Drive folder or a Google Doc. You can get an idea of how the whole thing works by watching the video 1Password created:

    The experience for someone receiving a link can vary depending on the share settings. If you set what you’re sharing to be viewable by anyone, the link will just open up into a copy of the credentials at the time they were shared. If what you shared is only meant for a specific set of people, they have to confirm their email and then receive a one-time verification code to enter and receive access. It’s worth noting that the link only allows access to a copy of the information shared when you created the link. If you change the password stored in your vault later, old links won’t display the new password.

    The added security Psst! brings is partially dependent on the security of the email receiving those verification codes (one can imagine a scenario the receiver’s account has been compromised), but this method keeps the rest of your vault’s information secure, provides a way to track who accessed the login, and access to the login expires whenever you decide it should.

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    Twitter testing an easier way to switch to your reverse-chronological feed

    Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

    Twitter is testing a new way to switch to your reverse-chronological feed a bit more easily, the company announced Tuesday. Right now, when you tap the three-star icon at the top of your feed to switch between the Home feed (which sorts tweets for you) or the Latest feed (which shows them in reverse chronological order), a small menu shows up that prompts you to switch to whichever feed you’re not on. For some users on iOS, though, when you tap the three-star icon, Twitter is testing new Home or Latest tabs at the top of your screen instead.

    Here’s what the change will look like, according to Twitter. If you’ve pinned lists, the tabs should look familiar:

    This change does feel like it will be an improvement since it will mean fewer taps to switch between feeds and make it easier to know at a glance which feed you’re looking at. That said, it’s unclear if Twitter plans to roll this test out more broadly and, if so, when that might happen.

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    Gilmore Girls: Rory & Christopher's Relationship Timeline, Season By Season


    From the pilot of Gilmore Girls, it's clear that Lorelai has done an amazing job raising Rory on her own, making life full of lessons but still a lot of fun. When Rory's dad Christopher Hayden visits Stars Hollow in season 1, viewers begin to learn about their complicated connection. Chris loves his daughter and is proud of how intelligent and ambitious she is, but he can't seem to get this parenting thing right no matter how hard he tries.

    When examining how well Rory gets along with her dad in each season of Gilmore Girls, their love for each other and hope that their relationship will improve becomes evident, although in the Netflix revival A Year In The Life, it feels like they have become almost like strangers to one another.

    8 Season 1: Rory Is Hopeful About Her Father/Daughter Relationship

    Many Gilmore Girls fans believe Christopher gets worse, but when he appears in season 1, he seems sweet, charming, and interested in having a close connection to Rory. In the episode "Christopher Returns," he bonds with his daughter, has fun getting to know Stars Hollow, and before he leaves town, even tells Lorelai that they should get married.

    This is a good season for Rory and Christopher as Rory is hopeful and optimistic that they can stay close this time. Fans learn that Chris hasn't always been in Rory's life and that he's not the most mature or reliable parent. It's heartbreaking seeing how much Rory wants her dad to be around and fans can tell that it won't be this ismple.

    7 Season 2: Rory And Christopher Get Closer

    Season 2 is a turning point for Rory and Christopher as he seems to be making a real effort. In "Presenting Lorelai Gilmore," he is there by Rory's side when she is part of a debuntate ball, and in "It Should've Been Lorelai," Christopher's new partner Sherry Tinsdale wants to get to know Rory.

    Although Rory and her dad get closer in season 2, Lorelai is always worried that he will disappear again, and viewers feel super uneasy about this relationship the entire time. It never feels like Rory and Chris are on solid ground and while he means well, he's never the stable presence that Rory needs.

    6 Season 3: Rory Gets Used To Christopher Becoming A Dad Again

    While the Christopher/Lorelai/Luke love triangle is a dramatic and constant presence on Gilmore Girls, it feels like Chris and Sherry might make it by the time Rory and Lorelai go to her baby shower in "Take the Deviled Eggs..."

    As Christopher prepares for this massive life change, Rory gets used to her dad having another child, and it feels like for once, the father and daughter are on better, happier footing. Viewers can see Rory having a big role in this baby's life and it seems like things could work out happily ever after.

    5 Season 4: Rory And Christopher Feel More Estranged Than Ever

    Rory and Christopher's relationship hits another turning point in season 4 of the popular series.

    While Rory's whole life changes when she leaves home for Yale and gets used to difficult classes, being around her peers all the time, and living with Paris Geller, Christopher doesn't appear much in these episodes. It doesn't feel like Rory's dad is interested in her collegiate life and it's a heartbreaking realization. While it's possible that Christopher is overwhelmed with new parenthood, it's also strange and confusing that he isn't really around for Rory here.

    4 Season 5: Rory Worries About Her Parents

    Season 5 is a tough one for Christopher as Sherry abandons him and their daughter Gigi. Rory has to be the parent here once again as she maturely and wisely asks Christopher to please leave Lorelai alone so she can finally be happy with Luke Danes.

    This is a sad group of episodes for Rory and Christopher, as Rory feels guilty about asking her dad this question, and when Christopher's own father passes away, she realizes that he needs Lorelai more than ever. Christopher can be clingy on Gilmore Girls but this is a time when his emotional and sensitive state makes sense.

    3 Season 6: Christopher Saves The Day With Money

    When Christopher begins paying for Yale in season 6, it's bittersweet. He can't really buy Rory's affection, and it won't fix all the time they didn't spend together, but it does feel like the right thing to do. This season also stands out because Logan and Christopher properly meet in the episode "You've Been Gilmored" and Chris tries to be the tough parent, saying he wants to make sure Rory is living in a nice place.

    By this point in the series, it's clear that Rory and Christopher will never be super close and that they likely won't be able to repair the relationship that they never got a chance to have. But it does feel like there is more hope than ever before, with Chris spending more time with Rory and at Yale.

    2 Season 7: Rory Watches Her Parents Reunite

    Season 7 sees Rory's parents committing to each other, but there are reasons why Christopher and Lorelai get divorced. Rory is upset that her parents got married without wanting her to be there, which is fair, but she does her best to show them support.

    Fans can tell that Rory has many complicated emotions about her mom and dad getting married. It must make her think about what could have been, as she had long ago given up on them reuniting. Rory is mature and intelligent here, wanting them to make the right decision and be happy.

    1 A Year In The Life: Rory And Christopher Have A Tough Heart-To-Heart

    Christopher and Rory finally have a discussion in A Year In The Life that fans will always remember. It's been a long time coming but it's impossible not to feel emotional while looking back on it, and it also feels like Rory has come to terms with not being close with her dad.

    While writing the book based on her life and childhood, Rory visits Christopher at the office and asks him about Lorelai being a single mother. Christopher says, "I think it was exactly what was supposed to happen. And I think [Lorelai] would back me up on that." It's hard for Rory not to feel hurt and abandoned by her father's words, as he sounds defeated and resigned to the fact that Lorelai would always have a bigger presence in Rory's life. Based on this scene, it feels like Christopher never wanted to be too close to Rory, and it's hard not to wonder what could have been.

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    How to Destroy Anti-Aircraft Cannons in Far Cry 6


    There is plenty of high-flying fun to be had in Far Cry 6, but it doesn't come without its complications. Anti-aircraft cannons make it tough to navigate the skies over Yara, and destroying them can make it a whole lot easier to fly. Not only that, but anti-aircraft sites also contain depleted uranium, a valuable resource used to purchase weapons and equipment from in-game vendors.

    So, anti-aircraft cannons need to be destroyed, but it isn't that simple. Not only can they wipe out any aircraft that flies near them on their own, they can only be bypassed by Far Cry 6's wingsuit, but they are also heavily armored, and the sites in which they sit are protected by armed guards that must be dispatched.

    As a result, taking out these objectives and gathering the loot requires a bit of strategy, and maybe even some of the better weapons in Far Cry 6. While it seems like a tough task to take out a piece of guarded heavy artillery, there are some easy ways to get it done. All that is needed is the right equipment, and a solid game plan.

    anti-aircraft cannons in Far Cry 6 are armored, and regular munitions aren't going to destroy them. Luckily, that means that Dani gets to play with some explosives. In order to blow up one of the cannons, one of the following is required:

    • Grenades
    • Rockets (from a launcher or the Exterminador Supremo)
    • Explosive Barrel (if one is close enough)

    The easiest way to get it done is with the Exterminador Supremo, the first Supremo backpack that Dani is given, which has the "Armageddon Strike" ability that sends down a barrage of rockets. This can be used to kill the guards around the cannon, as well as the cannon itself. Alternatively, the guards can be killed just as any other enemies can, and the cannon can be destroyed using a rocket launcher or by throwing a few grenades. If luck is on Dani's side, there may be an explosive barrel next to the target, and it can be shot to blow up the anti-aircraft gun.

    After the guards are taken care of, and the cannon is destroyed, there will be a cache of depleted uranium that can be looted. This can be used to buy new Supremo backpacks and Resolver weapons from Juan Cortez, and can make hunting down these anti-aircraft sites very beneficial. In fact, this is the way that Dani can collect all of the Supremo backpacks in Far Cry 6.

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    NASA Develops ‘Internet’ For The Moon And Beyond


    NASA developed LunaNet, an ‘internet’ network for the Moon and the Artemis missions. Artemis is NASA’s program to establish a long-term human presence on the Moon. The international moon program is the tip-of-the-sword of the US in the new space race, however, Artemis II has been delayed due to a legal lawsuit over a lunar landing module awarded to SpaceX by NASA and questioned by Blue Origin.

    Artemis I is set to launch in November, sending a crew-less Orion spacecraft to our natural satellite. The following Artemis missions will land the first woman and first person of color on the surface of the Moon. The Artemis Base Camp in the south pole of the Moon is also considered a stepping stone to Mars and beyond. With all these moving parts, a reliable communications network would sure make things easier.

    NASA created LunaNet to end disruptions and delays in communications and data transfer in space. Missions in space today depend on pre-scheduled links with space satellites or ground-based antennas, making communications and data transfer limited. LunaNet is designed to provide sustainable communications, navigation, weather monitoring, and will also be used for scientific purposes.

    Photo: NASA/Reese Patillo

    Like the internet, the LunaNet allows users to maintain connections with a larger network made up of nodes but in space. The LunaNet is a Delay-Disruption Tolerant Network DTN, using multiple nodes on the Moon, on satellites, and ground stations, ultimately creating a robust network. Each node can store and re-route data to find the best optimal path for it to reach destinations. Astronauts and rovers on the Moon will not have to wait for information to be processed and passed around from ground stations.

    Academics, ground control, spacecraft, astronauts, and other users will be able to access the network no matter where they are. On the Moon, using LunaNet navigation, rovers and astronauts will be able to know their location, plot out routes, enable autonomous traveling, and set quick returns to base. Astronauts will also get real-time space weather information. In the event of dangerous solar storm activity, astronauts will receive an alert to seek shelter. LunaNet will also contribute to search and rescue programs, scientific experiments, and astronomical observations using radio astronomy. NASA will use LunaNet to research advanced space communications for future missions. "LunaNet is the first step in creating a Solar System internet," NASA says.

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    Source: NASA

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    Watch Tom Hanks in one of cinema’s best portraits of suburbia on Peacock


    The Burbs on Peacock

    Credit: Universal

    From the Vault: As the streaming space keeps growing, massive studio catalogs are becoming more and more available. These include lost and forgotten gems, so-bad-it’s-good duds, and just plain weird pieces of film history. And you probably won’t find them by waiting for streamers to put them in front of you. In From the Vault, Android Authority aims to rescue these titles from the algorithm graveyard and help you get more out of your streaming subscriptions.

    Suburbia has been a popular target of Hollywood for nearly half a century. Movies like The Stepford Wives, Blue Velvet, and Pleasantville have offered some of our definitive reference points for American suburbs, not to mention early sitcoms like I Love Lucy, Leave It to Beaver, and The Honeymooners. But the nearly-forgotten 1989 comedy The Burbs deserves a spot high up on the list, and luckily you can watch it on Peacock.

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    Squid Game comes to life in Abu Dhabi



    squid game

    Netflix’s latest success Squid Game has come to life in the UAE.

    As per an announcement by the Dubai-based Korean Cultural Center, the games, which were featuredin the bone-chilling drama series, will be staged in Abu Dhabi.

    "To match up to the worldwide popularity of ‘Squid Game’, the Korean series on NETFLIX, Korean Cultural Center in the UAE has organized an event that you can also enjoy the games played in Squid Game,

    As per the website, 15 players, donning t-shirts featuring the show's logo, will take part in a single session.

    Games that are in the event are 'red light green light’, ‘Dalgona candy’ challenge and paper flipping games ‘Marbles and Ddakji’.

    This is an invite-only event for residents as selection is based on applications, who will receive an e-mail invite.

    "Only invitees with a green pass can participate in the event," the website stated.

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    Only Murders In The Building: Every Suspect, Ranked By Likelihood


    Content warning: the following contains plot spoilers for the Hulu series Only Murders in the Building.

    Hulu's Only Murders in the Building has been dominating social media since it premiered, flooding the internet with fan discussions and investigations into who killed the mysterious Tim Kono. Viewers have followed along week to week as the unconventional crime-solving trio of Oliver Putnam (Martin Short), Charles Haden-Savage (Steve Martin), and Mabel Mora (Selena Gomez) have searched for Tim Kono's killer.

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    Every subsequent episode has introduced new suspects and eliminated others. But even as the series approaches its first season finale, the mystery of who killed Tim Kono is still wide open. Many suspects are still completely likely at this point, but some of them are clearly much more likely than others.

    8 Oscar Torres

    When Only Murders first began, the mysterious figure known as "Tie-Dye Guy" was one of the group's first suspects. On the night of Tim Kono's murder, Tie-Dye Guy - later revealed to be Mabel's childhood friend, Oscar - was spotted heading upstairs just before the crime was committed, while everyone else was leaving the building during what they believed to be a fire drill.

    Oscar made sense as a first guess, but his status as a suspect was too easy. It would have been too convenient for the first character to have a real connection to Tim Kono to be the one who murdered him. Oscar's explanations and alibis have been thoroughly checked out by the group, clearing him from further suspicion and making him the least likely suspect at this point.

    7 Theo Dimas

    Theo Dimas was a relative unknown for much of Only Murders' first season. He was the focus of the game-changing episode "The Boy from 6B," a mostly silent episode that focused on Theo's experiences across his life as a deaf person and presented true inclusion of a character with a disability. The episode also explored how he was caught up in one crime after another, first with Zoe's death and later his father's jewelry crime ring.

    The group behind the Only Murders podcast was eager to pin Tim Kono's murder on Theo and his father after they learned of his involvement in both of those prior crimes. But subsequent evidence has revealed that there was more to the murder than they knew, which has likely ruled Theo out as a possible suspect once and for all. He may have played a tragic role in Zoe's accidental death, but Tim Kono's demise likely had nothing to do with him.

    6 Ndidi Idoko

    Not much has been revealed about Ndidi Idoko, the woman who was Tim Kono's next-door neighbor. Early episodes included the reveal that she was envious of Tim's apartment and that she even went so far as to request an apartment swap soon after his death.

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    While it wouldn't be the first time that real estate was the motive for a murder, it seems unlikely that this would have been a strong enough cause for Ndidi to commit the crime. She did later admit to often overhearing Tim with a lover, claiming that she herself never liked him. But that wording does lend itself to a very skewed reading in which she didn't like Tim, but she did love him, and as such, she could have been the one to poison him in a crime of passion.

    5 Jose Torres

    Sometimes, the most likely suspects are ones that are hidden in plain sight. Not once during the investigation has the podcast team considered the possibility of Jose Torres, the father of Oscar and the superintendent of the Arconia, being Tim Kono's murder.

    But Jose has had plenty of motive and opportunity both when it comes to Tim Kono. As the superintendent of the building, he would have had many opportunities to have access to Tim Kono's apartment. And since Tim Kono willingly lied about Oscar's alleged involvement in Zoe's death, which resulted in Oscar going to prison for a decade, Jose could have been motivated by a need for revenge, a common motive that has fueled many memorable revenge plots and movies.

    4 Teddy Dimas

    Another suspect who has hidden in plain sight has been the podcast's own sponsor, Teddy Dimas. A good candidate for inclusion in actor Nathan Lane's best work, Teddy has been a longtime supporter of Oliver's many business ventures, but his investment in the Only Murders podcast has had a very personal stake as it would keep attention off his own crime ventures, which was also going on within the building.

    Although the series' eighth episode reasoned that Teddy Dimas was out of the building during the time of Tim Kono's murder and therefore likely could not have been part of it, it is still possible that he was involved after all. Since Tim was murdered by poison, not by the gunshot wound, Teddy could have played a role in the poisoning, even if he wasn't there to deliver the final shot.

    3 Howard Morris

    Howard's cat, Evelyn, may not have been one of the most memorable cats in television history, but it could still be the case that Tim Kono was killed over a grudge that started because of her. Tim was allergic to cats and hated Evelyn's wandering around the Arconia because of that, which led to Tim and Howard coming in frequent conflict with each other.

    The same day Tim was killed, however, so was Evelyn. As it turned out, both of them were poisoned, despite initial reports of Tim dying via gunshot. It may not be likely that Howard would have killed his own cat to cover up his involvement, but it could still be the case that he poisoned Tim and his poor cat suffered an accidental dosage by proximity.

    2 Bunny

    From her first appearance in the series, Bunny has been a character not to be messed with. Foul-mouthed and quick-tempered, Bunny has never been someone that any character has wanted to be on the bad side of. Unfortunately, Oliver has always been on her bad side, which gives viewers a firsthand experience of her nastiest moments.

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    In the series' ninth episode, Bunny was particularly eager to put an end to the Only Murders podcast, perhaps due to a desire to conceal her own involvement in Tim Kono's murder. Bunny has been ruthless with Oliver, doing everything she can to squeeze every last penny out of him and ultimately evict him. It's likely, then, that Bunny has had similar feuds with other tenants of the Arconia, and perhaps one of them even crossed the line into murder.

    1 Jan

    Jan has always been an enigma as a character. It was clear, just by casting Amy Ryan (best known as the lovable Holly Flax in The Office) in the role and billing her as a series regular, that there would be much more to her character than just the role of Charles' unlikely girlfriend. It wasn't until the series' penultimate episode that things began to snap into focus with her character, however.

    There have been many signs pointing to Jan's likelihood as the murderer. Her bassoon case is perfect for hiding a likely murder weapon, and bassoon cleaning supplies were found in items taken from Tim Kono's apartment. Further, Jan has been lying about her status as the first chair bassoonist.  It is possible that she was Tim Kono's girlfriend, but her rival for the first chair position may also have been his lover, which means that she could have had a particular jealousy-driven motive to kill Tim Kono if, for example, she had also been trying to get the real first chair out of the way.

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    Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Pre-Orders Open For GameStop Pro Members


    On Tuesday, the Halo Infinite edition Xbox Series X console bundle was made available to pre-order for GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro members ahead of the game’s long-awaited release in December. The latest Halo installment is set to pick up where 2015’s Halo 5: Guardians left off, and it will bring with it an all-new limited edition new-gen console and controller.

    A special limited-edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X console and controller bundle, in addition to a separately sold Halo Infinite Elite Series 2 controller, was unveiled in August, with the products being set for a November 15 release to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Halo franchise. Unfortunately, scalpers quickly got a hold of Halo Infinite Xbox Series X pre-orders and began listing them for prices upwards of $1000, just as has been done with the vanilla Xbox Series X since it launched in 2020. Luckily for some GameStop customers (some of whom might also be scalpers), the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X has been made available at retail price.

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    On Twitter and elsewhere, GameStop announced a $550 special edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X bundle became available to pre-order an hour early for GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro Members. The gaming retailer's bundle includes the custom Halo Infinite-themed Xbox Series X console (which features a star pattern modeled after the Zeta Halo skyline and a “Cortana Blue” vent), a matching Xbox Series X/S gamepad (not to be confused with the green Halo Infinite Elite Series 2 controller), and a digital download code for Halo Infinite.

    Halo Infinite was notoriously planned to be released as an Xbox Series X/S launch title, but developer 343 Industries ultimately delayed the game after weighing negative feedback, leaving the console's launch window next to empty. In the months since, public opinion on the game has warmed largely thanks a series of multiplayer betas, but its sales and Xbox Game Pass success isn't necessarily assured after the developer revealed Halo Infinite's Forge and campaign co-op modes won’t be available at release.

    For those customers prepared to drop back into the Halo universe feet-first after the long wait for Halo Infinite regardless of its launch state (as well as for those who lack an Xbox Series X or want a more fancifully designed one), the special edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X console and controller bundle seems like a reasonable deal for welcoming Master Chief into their living rooms in style. GameStop's pre-orders for the bundle came less than five weeks before the console releases on November 15, a date that only precedes Halo Infinite's own release by a few weeks.

    Next: Can You Play Xbox Series X Games On Xbox One?

    Halo Infinite will be a available for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC on December 8, 2021.

    Sources: GameStop, GameStop/Twitter

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    Bad news for WhatsApp users




    This may come as bad news for most WhatsApp users but Google may switch some users of the mobile app to a limited storage plan.

    Google currently offers unlimited storage for WhatsApp backup chats. Saving WhatsApp chat backups on Google Drive is one of the easiest and most effective ways for WhatsApp users to switch their phones and retain their old messages and chats.

    Thanks to this option, the users can exclude specific media to be included in the next backup.

    According to WABetaInfo, the feature is under development and will be available in a future update.

    "Unfortunately, the release date is unknown but we’re carefully following the development of the feature and we will keep you updated as usual," it said in a report.

    It added that there may be a different background for the reason why WhatsApp is developing this feature.

    It is important to note that WhatsApp backups do not count against the Google Drive storage quota under an agreement between the two companies.

    Unfortunately, the publication said, there is a good chance that WhatsApp backups on Google Drive will partially count again and WhatsApp is planning to offer some options to manage the backup size.

    "Google might stop offering unlimited storage for WhatsApp backups, but they will switch to a limited plan (2000 MB per user)," WABetainfo said.

    "This new plan has not been announced yet and everything may change in the next weeks, but this is the idea around the new way to store WhatsApp backups on Google Drive," it added.

    "Note that we prefer to mark this news as a rumour seen that nothing has been publicly announced, but this is what we have learned after studying the feature and this is not to discard: Google Photos stopped offering unlimited storage some months ago".

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    Apple announces October 18th event after months of Mac rumors



    apple new event

    Apple’s next hardware event will take place on October 18th, according to invites it sent out today. The company is widely expected to use its second fall event to launch a pair of new MacBooks, a redesigned higher-end Mac Mini, and possibly a pair of third-generation AirPods.

    The invite video teases one word: Unleashed. As seen below in a tweet from Apple marketing exec Greg Joswiak, it appears in a dotted font that could hint at mini LED tech on the way. The “special” event will stream live on Apple.com at 1PM ET / 10AM PT.

    There have been reports for months that Apple is on the cusp of releasing new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. The new MacBooks would be the latest step in Apple’s transition away from Intel chips, replacing them with an Arm-based processor called the M1X that Apple designs itself. The new chip could boost performance compared to the M1 chip that debuted last year, as Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports the M1X has ten CPU cores compared to the M1’s eight, plus graphics processors with 16 or 32 cores compared to seven or eight in M1-equipped machines.

    Other anticipated features include the return of fan-favorite MacBook features like magnetic MagSafe charging, an HDMI port, and an SD card slot. The maligned OLED touch bar, mercifully, could be on the way out.

    Rumors suggest that the same M1X processor will feature in a redesigned higher-end Mac Mini. The new machine will reportedly have more ports than last year’s M1 model, with two Thunderbolt / USB 4 Type-C ports and two USB Type-A ports. The changes should make the new Mac Mini much better suited to power users.

    Finally, Apple may announce a pair of redesigned AirPods, representing the third generation of the company’s original true wireless earbuds. The AirPods are expected to adopt a design similar to the AirPods Pro, with shorter stems and a redesigned charging case.

    Source:The Verge

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    $200 off the Insignia 65-inch 4K UHD Smart Fire TV, and more great TV deals

    amazon fire tv omni series
    Credit: Amazon

    Whether it’s to have a family movie night or it’s to enjoy your favorite weekly TV show, having a nice TV can make all the difference. Unfortunately, it can be hard to try to sift through all the deals and choices when you’re in the market for a new home entertainment addition.

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    Motorola Edge (2021) review: A tale of two models


    Motorola is back with a fresh version of its Edge smartphone series. Motorola made some significant changes year over year that result in this phone being less of an upgrade and more of a sideways step. The Edge competes in the market’s affordable flagship range, though it has a bit less flair than some competing $700 smartphones. What’s it like living life with the Edge? Find out in the Android Authority Motorola Edge (2021) review.

    $699 .99
    Motorola Edge (2021)
    Buy it Now
    Motorola Edge (2021) Buy it Now
    $699 .99
    About this Motorola Edge (2021) review: I tested the Motorola Edge (2021) (6GB/128GB, Verizon model) over a period of seven days. It was running Android 11 on the August 2021 security patch. The unit was provided by Motorola for this review.

    What you need to know about the Motorola Edge (2021)

    Motorola Edge 2021 home screen center left on metal bench

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